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Welcome to Sunday Screenings

Back in film school I had the luxury of being around people who had the same love of movies, it was easy to strike up a conversation about a movie and have other people chime in.  Since graduation most of my film school friends have all scattered and I don’t have that network of people to just sit around and talk about movies with, I miss that community.  When I read that Jason Reitman had started a weekly screening where he would watch a “classic” film that he had missed seeing it got me thinking, I could do that and get other people involved thus recreating that community I was missing.  I mentioned this to Nate, who like the idea, and we started brainstorming on ways to make it happen.  Because Nate is in Portland and I am in Austin, it was decided that the best bet would be to watch the movies independently, and then share our thoughts about them online.  This leaves the door open so we can invite other friends (and random internet people) who can also join in on the conversation.

We’re just getting started right now.  We are going to start compiling our own personal lists, and then work out a way to combine them and then prioritize those films to create a sort of playlist. Feel free to leave a comment with movies you think should be added to the queue.


  1. ncapp24
    November 10, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    I just wanted to say that seeing this page makes me really excited. I’m looking forward to getting this thing started.

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