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Apologies to Sunday Screeners

So, we forgot about scheduling a movie this week.  At least the last time we did it, we could use Easter as an excuse.  Sorry about that.  If you like, you can use this space to mention any films you’ve seen recently that are of note, either in theaters or on DVD.  I may come back to talk a bit about Polanksi’s new film, The Ghost Writer.  Also, I’m getting a Blu-Ray player!

Our bad.  Shouldn’t happen again.


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  1. LMM
    April 18, 2010 at 10:34 PM

    No worries.
    I ended up started up Buffy/Angel (season 7/4) so I was preoccupied anyway.

    I did see Kickass this weekend. Awesome movie. Totally want to be Hit Girl when I grow up. And I didn’t hate Nic Cage as I expected I would.

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