Sunday Screenings is a place to fill in the glaring gaps in your film viewing history.  You know, the films you’re embarrassed to admit that you haven’t seen.  We’re not here to judge you for it.  On the contrary, we’re here to take you in and say, “It’s all right.  Why don’t you sit down with us, enjoy a hot cocoa and some popcorn, and finally see this classic piece of cinema you’ve been missing out on.”  And don’t fret if you’ve seen the movie before; there is always something new to be gained from repeat screenings.

Most of all, though, Sunday Screenings is a place to discuss film in a fun and civilized manner.  We want the free exchange of ideas without the insults or judgments (go to the IMDB boards if that’s what you’re into).  There are no wrong opinions or interpretations.  There is nothing wrong with having a dissenting opinion (that’s what makes talking film fun), just be polite about it.

As the site develops, we’ll be looking to develop some more interactive ways of selecting films and hopefully adding new content.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to talk to you soon!

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