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Poll: Sunday Screening #3 (11-29-2009)

November 20, 2009 1 comment

Hope you’re ready for The Third Man this Sunday. If it hasn’t shown up from Netflix yet, it might be time to think about hitting up your favourite local rental house (hopefully you have good alternatives to the chains, I’m glad that I do). We’re trying to hit a bunch of different Genres with this weeks poll. Please vote for your favourites, you can vote on more then one. Also write in a movie you’d like to see on the next poll.

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Poll: Sunday Screening #2

November 16, 2009 7 comments

Thanks for participating in the first Sunday Screening. Please continue to comment on Singin’ in the Rain with your thoughts. We are a bit pressed on time to get the next movie selected, so please vote for one of the movies listed below today. Also, write in a movie so that we can add it to our list. Voting will close at 7pm Pacific time tonight.

So, what are you guys thinking? Orson Welles in “Carol Reed’s Classic Thriller”, or Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness, and Anthony Quinn in “The Desert Classic”(1983 Video Release)?

The Third Man is available on Netflix Streaming.
Lawrence of Arabia is available on iTunes for Purchase.

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Sample Poll

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment
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