Sunday Screening #33: Super Fly

August 23, 2011 22 comments

I was looking over our Screened Films list and noticed a shocking lack of diversity. Sure, there’s a couple films from Asia in there, but, aside from Shadows which was directed by a white man, we are not representing the black population at all! So I decided it’s time to remedy that.

I was going to pick some early Spike Lee or Hughes brothers, but I wanted to start a bit earlier. Unfortunately, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song isn’t on Netflix Instant View or their mail service. So I picked the one with the best soundtrack (of all time?). I could’ve gone to Movie Madness and grabbed a copy of SSBS (and I’m sure you Screeners have places to hit up), but I didn’t want to have to rely on it being there when I need it.

No video this week. Paul’s two consecutive weeks threw me off and I didn’t have something in mind until last night. Plus, with going shadowy for Shadows, silent for Intolerance, and werewolf for Ginger Snaps, I kind of feared the reaction I’d get for a similar interpretation of Super Fly.

The trailer is here. I don’t understand why anyone would want a trailer, something designed to bring in viewers to have embedding disabled. It’s ridiculous.


Sunday Screening #32: Shadow of a Doubt

August 16, 2011 16 comments

If you’re lucky enough to live in Austin (hot), Texas then you’ll have an opportunity to sit in the World Famous Alamo Drafthouse Theater with my and watch this Sunday’s Screening on the big screen. The Drafthouse’s Cinema Club is presenting Shadow of a Doubt followed by insight into the film by Dr. Thomas Schatz. We did this once before with Bride of Frankenstein, and it is really nice to hear what an film professor has to add to our discussion. I will try to bring as much of his interpretation to the group as possible.

I’m sure many of you have seen Shadow of a Doubt before, and Hitchocock himself has referred to it as his favourite of his own films. If you’re in Austin hope to see you at the Drafthouse Sunday at 7:00pm.

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Sunday Screening #31: Small Change

August 10, 2011 13 comments

I love Francois Truffaut. Nate recently read (is reading) Truffaut’s book on Hitchcock (more on that soon). Next week we’re watching Shadow of a Doubt, so why shouldn’t we watch a Truffaut film this week? This particular film I have yet to see, although I think that Truffaut does a very good job of working with child actors.

Can’t wait to see what you all think.

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Sunday Screening #30: Ginger Snaps

August 1, 2011 23 comments

This is a rinky-dink video made while cramming for Arrested Development trivia. Not so ambitious, but incredibly silly and poorly thought out (and executed!).

Sunday Screening #29: Tapeheads

July 27, 2011 4 comments

After the heaviness of Intolerance, I think it’s time for something quite a bit lighter this Sunday. So I’ve decided to choose a film that I really love and I think most people haven’t seen. How I was exposed to this film escapes me, but it was about 10 years ago and at the time I was either producing video for my friends who are professional wrestlers, or starting film-school, so the characters really spoke to me (sadly 10 years later and I’m now writing code for a Healthcare company and not producing anything creative, but that’s another story). I think Tapeheads fell into a bit of a void when released, which is kind of sad. If I expand my top 5 movies to 6, I really feel this film would be at that number 6 slot. Tapeheads is funny, smart, focuses on video production, has some great music and features John Cusack and Tim Robbins…what more can you ask for?

If you’re keeping up with the comments on Intolerance you might have seen the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles ad from the movie (which is AWESOME). I tried to find a trailer online, but it doesn’t seem all that readily available so I’m going to leave you with this music video from the film (music by Devo).

Sunday Screening #28: Intolerance

July 19, 2011 28 comments

This is going to be a test for all involved: a (nearly) three hour silent film. It’s not so much the silent part, but the three hour part. That’s a lot of movie. I’ve only seen Birth of a Nation by Griffith (and I watched that mostly in fast forward) and since he’s considered one of the greatest ever (Welles and Hitchcock thought so… maybe I need to stop reading books about movies…). It’s on the AFI top 100 films, too, so we’re doing God’s work by watching it. Sorry, but I couldn’t find a trailer to attach.

Paul — I’m just going to save you the trouble of pretending that you’re going to participate and give you a pass on this one.

Sunday Screenings #27: Oldboy

July 11, 2011 63 comments

This week, lets watch Oldboy (to celebrate the fact that Spike Lee is going to direct the American Remake).