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Sunday Screening #36: Alice

September 20, 2011 14 comments

That’s right! We’re going to watch the entire 10-year run of the T.V. series Alice! Hope you’ve got a couple days to kill.

OK… not really. Jan Svankmajer is an amazing animator who’s made any number of twisted stop-motion films. He was/is a huge influence on Tim Burton. I’ve never seen all of Alice and have been looking for an excuse to just sit down and watch it. Given the history of Lewis Carrol’s story and it’s any number of adaptations, I feel like there will be a lot to discuss, especially where this fits in with the rest. It’s available on Netflix Instant View.

Here’s a tasty nugget:

And because I’m a shameless whore… my stop-motion efforts:


3/7/2010 Sunday Screening #16: Oscar Night

March 3, 2010 46 comments

Paul and I decided last minute to discuss the Oscars this Sunday, so I just threw the video together last minute.  Admittedly, this is more than either he or I have done for Umberto D or Magnolia (way to go Becky and Allen for keeping the video alive!).  I won’t be able to comment during the actual ceremony because I’m volunteering for an Oscar Party at the Hollywood Theatre, but I invite all of you to comment along during the night.  I hope you all enjoy!

Poll: Sunday Screening #4 (12-6-2009)

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and over-stuffed on turkey and over-slept on tryptophan.  While you’re all gearing up for the epic Lawrence of Arabia, take the time to vote for the next movie.  Since there was a tie for second, we’ve got two repeats on the list.  Also, we’re still tweaking the number of films so as not to spread the votes too broadly, so there are only three options this week.  Can’t wait to strike up the next question with you all!

Something to Fill Your Time

November 17, 2009 14 comments

Here's a hint to get you started.

How about a little between screening activity??? It’s harder than you’d think.

Can you name the American Film Institute’s Top 100 American Movies (2007)? – sporcle.

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Sunday Screening #2: The Third Man

November 16, 2009 28 comments

The Third Man (1949)
Directed by: Carol Reed
Starring: Some guy…

Apologies to Paul for deleting his text, but the message will remain: indeed, The Third Man is our next screening.  I’ve seen this film before, but I’ll hold off discussing it and voicing an opinion until after the rewatch.  I love the excuse to view films again because there is so much new stuff to see.  It’s arguable that the first viewing isn’t representative of the experience because you are so wrapped up in plot that you don’t experience the rest of the film fully (I happen to support that point).  I’m really looking forward to reading what you all have to say about The Third Man because it is vastly different from our first screening.  Perhaps the thing I’ll be most interested in hearing about is the reaction to the famous zither score.  I hope everyone enjoys the experience!


Screening 11/15 — Singin’ in the Rain

November 12, 2009 45 comments

Singin’ in the Rain rates #5 on the most recent AFI top 100 movies list, #7 on the far more comprehensive Cahiers du Cinema top 100 films list, and #75 on the populist and fanboy driven IMDB Top 250.  So, why haven’t I seen it?  The story about the coming of “talkies” to the cinema should appeal to any love of film.  And the production alone looks pretty magnificent.  But, watching the trailer above, I couldn’t fight back my feelings about musicals, which is: I kind of hate them.  Every time a song and dance is playing out on screen, I get restless to get back to the story.  Some people, hell, lots of people like the spectacle.  I’m not one of them.

However, I get the sense that the use of music will compliment the “coming of sound” story pretty well.  There is an inherent conflict between the two notions, so I’m looking forward to finally checking it out.  At the very least, Singin’ in the Rain can finally replace Alex and his Droogies viciously raping and beating a poor, old couple in their home as my main association for the eponymous song.


For me Singin’ in the Rain is a good first movie for several reasons. This film is one of three films in the top 10 of the AFI top 100 movies list that I have yet to see. Watching it will also help improve the number of musicals I have seen (the number is small, real small). I also remember my film history teacher Caroline Frick talking about it’s importance to the film canon, but I don’t quite recall the reasons why, so I will have to dig my old notes out before watching so that I can remember her words.

We’ve all been bombarded with iconography from Singin’ in the Rain. Between parodies and commercials I’m sure we all have an idea of at least one scene in the movie, I know I for one am happy that I get to fill out the rest of the film.


A Second Greeting

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I don’t have much to say since Paul already told you all what the site is about.  This came together pretty quickly, and I give most of the credit to Paul.  I’m excited at the opportunity to talk about film with old friends and, hopefully, some new ones.  It’s rare that you get to talk to people about movies other than what’s just been released, so a unified viewing of like-minded individuals across the country should be very fulfilling.  Ideally, we’ll be able to offer you a good excuse to catch up on a film or just something to think about.

The site will be evolving in the next few weeks as we find our footing and we’re always open to suggestions.  Thank you for joining us and I look forward to hearing all of the varying opinions and ideas.