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Sunday Screening #40: Wall-e

November 2, 2011 2 comments

I’m doing something I told myself I’d never do for entirely selfish reasons. On Monday, November 7, my local trivia-ery is hosting Pixar trivia and I’ve been studying up all week. Obviously, this means that I will be only watching Pixar movies in the lead-up and can’t sacrifice any blocks of time for other films because victory is of the essence. Therefore, I’m selecting the only good Pixar movie that I’ve only seen once (Cars isn’t very good and I haven’t seen Cars 2). This breaks my personal rule (and the mission of Sunday Screenings) of selecting a film that I’d never seen. I can only hope you’ll all forgive me in time.


Sunday Screening #26: Shadows

July 4, 2011 12 comments

Even though as of this posting there is only one comment about Red Dawn, I figured it’d be best if I put up next week’s Sunday Screening. There’s been no conversation about what’s next, so this will be a surprise even to Paul. So while you’re formulating your thoughts on Red Dawn, get mentally prepared for next week. It’s likely to be a very different experience.

3/7/2010 Sunday Screening #16: Oscar Night

March 3, 2010 46 comments

Paul and I decided last minute to discuss the Oscars this Sunday, so I just threw the video together last minute.  Admittedly, this is more than either he or I have done for Umberto D or Magnolia (way to go Becky and Allen for keeping the video alive!).  I won’t be able to comment during the actual ceremony because I’m volunteering for an Oscar Party at the Hollywood Theatre, but I invite all of you to comment along during the night.  I hope you all enjoy!